UFO at National Press Club, Washington, November 12, 2007

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The Reality as Seen by Former High Level Government and Military Officials Pilots to Tell Their UFO Stories for the First Time Group to call on US Government to Re-Open its Investigation.

The American public is not alone when it comes to sighting what the US Air Force has labeled Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).


So too have former governors, high-level military and government officials, highly trained airplane pilots and aviation experts. The phenomenon is real. It happens worldwide. No one is sure about its nature.


Experts from seven countries have divulged what they have discovered about UFOs at a November 12 panel discussion moderated by former Arizona Governor Fife Symington (R) at the National Press Club.


Just one year ago, pilots, mechanics and managers from United Airlines witnessed a metallic discshaped object hovering over the United Airlines Terminal at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

The clearly observed object shot straight up leaving a hole through the clouds.


Despite the clear aviation safety issues involved, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) never investigated the incident and dismissed it as weather.


This head-in-the-clouds refusal to investigate stands in sharp contrast to efforts by governments of other countries to understand these incidents. “I believe that our government should take an active role in investigating this very real phenomenon,” said Symington, who was a witness to the famed ‘Phoenix Lights” incident seen by hundreds in Arizona while he was governor.


This panel consists of some of the most qualified people in the world with direct experience in dealing with this issue, and they will bring incredible, irrefutable evidence, some never presented before, that we simply cannot dismiss or ignore” he said.


The group, using previously classified documents, have discussed many well-documented cases, including two investigated by the US government.


The first involves a Peruvian Air Force pilot who fired many rounds at a UFO which was not affected.


The second was an Iranian Air Force pilot’s attempt to fire at a UFO, but whose control panel became inoperable.


This case is a classic that meets all the necessary conditions for a legitimate study of the UFO phenomenon,” stated the US Defense Intelligence Agency document on the Tehran incident.


Both pilots have come forward to speak about these events publicly for the first time.


By Leslie KEAN and James FOX : UFO & Close Encounters



WHO: Fife Symington, Former Arizona Governor, Moderator


Ray Bowyer, Captain, Aurigny Air Services, Channel Islands


Rodrigo Bravo, Captain and Pilot for the Aviation Army of Chile


General Wilfried De Brouwer, former Deputy Chief of Staff, Belgian Air Force (Ret.)


John Callahan, Chief of Accidents and Investigations for the FAA, 1980’s (Ret.)


Dr. Anthony Choy, founder, 2001, OIFAA, Peruvian Air Force


Jean-Claude Duboc, Captain, Air France (Ret.)


Charles I. Halt, Col. USAF (Ret.), Former Director, Inspections Directorate, DOD


I.G. General Parviz Jafari, Iranian Air Force (Ret.)


Jim Penniston, TSgt USAF (Ret.)


Dr. Claude Poher, Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, founder, French GEPAN


Nick Pope, Ministry of Defence, UK, 1985-2006


Dr. Jean-Claude Ribes, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France, 1963-98


Comandante Oscar Santa Maria, Peruvian Air Force (Ret.)


WHAT: Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington have moderated a distinguished panel of former high-ranking government, aviation, and military officials from seven countries to discuss close encounters with what the US Air Force describes as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).


Representatives from France, England, Belgium, Chile, Peru, Iran and the US have called for the US Government to join in an international dialogue and re-open its investigation – which the Air Force shut down over 30 years ago – in cooperation with other governments currently dealing with this unusual and controversial phenomenon.


While on active duty, the panelists have either witnessed a UFO incident or have conducted an official investigation into UFO cases relevant to aviation safety and national security.


WHEN: Monday, November 12, 2007 11:00 AM


WHERE: National Press Club Ballroom Event open to credentialed media and Congressional staff only


CONTACT: James Fox, documentary filmmaker; director of the acclaimed film “Out of the Blue”Leslie Kean, investigative journalist with the Coalition for Freedom of Information



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Fife Symington is a US Air Force Pilot and was Governor of Arizona in 1997 when he saw a UFO over Phoenix.



In French :





UFO over Teheran, September 19, 1976


General Parviz Jafari, Iranian pilot




UFO over Belgium, General Wilfried De Brouwer, former Deputy Chief of Staff, Belgian Air Force (Ret.) Belgian UFO wave was a series of purported sightings of triangular UFOs in Belgium, which lasted from 29 November 1989 to April 1990.



UFO over Paris, February 28, 1994


Captain Jean-Charles Duboc, Air France (ret)


James Penniston, senior security officer at RAF Bentwaters base, december 26, 1980




UFO over RAF Bentwaters base, Charles Halt, former deputy base commander




UFO over Alaska, November 17, 1986, John Callahan, FAA Investigator about




Commandant Oscar Santa Maria Huertas, Peruvian Air Force Pilot, April 11, 1981.



Captain Ray Bowyer, UFO Over Alderney,  April 23, 2007.


“Out of the Blue” is a feature-length documentary on the UFO phenomenon which premiered on television on the Sci Fi Channel on June 24, 2003. It was produced by American filmmaker James C. Fox.